What is Herpes and Herpes Tests

Herpes is a viral skin infection which usually affects lips, tongue, cheeks and genital parts. There are two types of herpes: herpes simplex virus 1 and herpes simplex virus 2. Both kind of herpes are highly contagious and can be easily spread through normal exposure to herpes virus. As we know that herpes simplex virus often seems to be symptomatic. So it is very important to diagnose herpes illness as soon as possible. Doctors usually used to diagnose herpes illness by examining the symptoms of herpes. But what if you does not have any outside symptoms but internally you may be feeling that you are probably have herpes. In this situation herpes blood test is the best option in order to diagnose herpes disease. The polymer chain reaction blood test (PCR Blood Test) is the best blood test in order to detect whether you have herpes or not. This test can tell you the accurate result even if you have no signs and symptoms of herpes. However this test usually used to diagnose the genital form of herpes.  The main aim of blood testing is to detect antibodies that are created by our immune system during the first attack of herpes virus. The immune system always produces the antibodies in response of viral infection. Blood test often takes to get positive 3-4 month after getting exposure to this virus. It is often considered that the polymer chain reaction blood test (PCR Blood Test) is the most accurate test is available in order to detect genital herpes. Polymer chain reaction test can also tell us whether patient suffering from oral herpes or from genital herpes. But there is no blood tests are available that has the ability to detect initial exposure of herpes virus. This is the biggest negative point of this test. There are many test available that can be easily detect herpes illness. Viral culture test can detect herpes illness but usually this test do not shows the accurate result of herpes. Herpes virus antigen detection test can be another test that has the ability to detect herpes virus. This test finds the antigen on the surface of the cells infected with herpes virus. All these test might not be able to display accurate result of herpes but the polymer chain reaction blood test often shows us the accurate result of herpes illness.

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